Thursday, October 17, 2013


Well, we were hoping that by the next time we posted that we would have some good news to share.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.

I have honestly been putting off updating the blog simply because I had no idea what to share with everyone. Several weeks ago in one of our Monday updates we were informed that we are not to be sharing our weekly update information on any public forum, "private" blogs included. : ( 

We were fully expecting to have received EP (emigration permit) approval and a court date by now, but due to reasons I am no longer able to talk about here (feel free to ask us about it in person, though) it is taking longer than originally expected.  

So, our answer to the question (when are we going to be traveling to Korea) on everyone's mind: we have no idea.  All I can say is, "We'll keep you posted." ;)

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